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Let's visit Nicaragua

Our last trip was made in January of 2020 before the pandemic hit the world stage. We are hoping to plan our next visit for 2022. If you are thinking about joining us, just reach out for more info. In the meantime, here's what our itinerary looked like last year straight from my notes.

TUES 28TH JAN: We will welcome you at the airport. We have a shuttle to go to Hostel Monti Christi phone number 505 8575 6501. Check in from 2pm.

WED 29TH JAN: Morning meet and greet over breakfast, travel to the school to meet with the head teacher to discuss our projects. Our projects planned for this year are: to install an eco friendly adventure climbing frame for the older children using old car tires and to restart the garden environmental and recycling programs at the school. Plus some painting of the school. Lunch at the cheese sandwich shop. Start the projects this afternoon. Finish at 4pm. Drive to Granada to stay at Miss Margrits , Calle La Libertad Granada. Supper at restaurant El Garaje 7523 3473.

THURSDAY 30TH: School projects continue, plus we will then take a group of sponsored children to the local market to buy their uniforms, backpacks and school things. Lunch in Masaya near tourist market. Back to school for projects. Supper Tostometro 506 2552 4311

FRIDAY 31ST JAN: Meet grade 9, 10 and 11 at market AM. School projects continue. PM Take teachers out to buy their school supplies. Sort out backpacks ready for the day out. Evening: Trip to Masaya Volcano. Supper Frances Catarina.

SATURDAY 1ST FEB: Sponsored children DAY OUT. We will take roughly 50 children to Managua for the morning to see the tourist sites and educational sites. Followed by a pizza and pool party all afternoon where they receive their backpacks and school supplies. (Swap school bus for Minivan in the evening.)

SUNDAY 2ND FEB: Day of rest. OPTIONAL TOURS: AM: Cooking lesson and tour of San Juan de Orient. PM Boat tour of the volcanic islands on Lake Granada.

MONDAY 3RD FEB: Check out of Granada and travel to Managua, the capitol city, to meet with an NGO and take a tour of FAIR TRADE groups, including a trip to the municipal dump where a group of woman struggle to feed their families. Watch demonstrations of their handicrafts and discuss the impact of fair trade.

Our airbnb: Tripp Inn

Check in:Mon 2020-02-03 2:00 PM

Check out:Thu 2020-02-06 11:00 AM

Phone:+506 7102 1371

73 Calle Sureste Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas 75 vrs sur, casa 8, Managua, 00505, Nicaragua

TUESDAY 4TH FEB: Travel to Lagoon Xilou area to help a group feed lunch to a large preschool and their families. Give out donated shoes and blankets. This area has no running water.

WEDNESDAY 5TH FEB: Return to the school to see the students’ performance (they have planned for us) and help with several classes. Finish our projects. Say goodbye.

THURSDAY 6TH FEB: Leave for Canada. Or alternatively, carry on to your own, private holiday!

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