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Updated: May 28, 2021

MARY URI is 14 years old, and has just become a mother. Her 16 year old boyfriend has 'no idea how it happened'. She was a good student, now her life, as she knew it is over. She will have no government support, no child benefit, no further education opportunities.

Nicaragua has the highest rate of teenage mothers in Latin America. Coupled with the powerful Roman Catholic church still advocating no contraception. More than 25% of girls in Nicaragua give birth before they are 18 years old, according to the United Nations.

STARFISH NICARAGUA has decided to address the pressing issue of sex education by introducing a new program.

Victoria is now 19 years old, her son, Darwin is nearly 3, she is 5 months pregnant. Her sister, Mylene, is just 14 and also a mother. They only have each other in the whole world.

I first met these ladies while leading our 2020 group trip last January. I couldn't sleep at night, thinking about them and their welfare. Finally, I invited them to stay with me, at my home for a mini break, to see if we could help with their situation. After spending the last 20 years working in Nicaragua, not much shocks me; But when I saw Mylene feeding her month old son coca cola and rice and Victoria feeding Darwin chicken bones, I was speechless. I talked to several nurses who told me there is NO PRENATAL or ANTENATAL programs for child mothers, These mothers would know no better.

STARFISH NICARAGUA has decided to address this issue, by introducing a series of educational programs.

Our original plan is to create an educational program which addresses sex education, prenatal and antenatal care in slum areas. We are planning to pilot this program in the next few weeks, starting with the antenatal program. We have a registered nurse presenting, a list of 30 young mothers with children under the age of 18 months. We plan on giving them a small care package (approximate cost of $15 each), plus lunch.


This idea was a dream of my sponsor child, Darwin, who died of Covid in December last year. He was a general surgeon and was studying to be a specialist in transplants. Although he was destined to be top of his field he and I had long conversations about the lack of sex ed. in Nicaragua, and the need to address the issue. I honour his memory by pursuing one of his dreams.


This dream will take time, money, and effort.

Please take a moment to consider contributing to this worthy program.

Please click on:

and go to the "Your Can Help" page to the new button we have created.

$30 will provide 2 care packages

$50 will provide a lunch for all those who attend the meeting

$100 will provide the


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