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What we can achieve with your $25 a month...

Please consider upgrading your annual donation to a monthly donation. If you sponsor one child at present then just upgrading to a monthly donation of $25 will give us an opportunity to add to our Scholarship Fund, our Friday Feeding Program, to introduce regular Health talks for women, to introduce a library and many more grass roots projects...If you sponsor 2 children at present, we hope you would consider a monthly donation of $40.

If you have a TD Canada Bank Account we can send you our Starfish Nicaragua bank account information and you can set up a Pre Authorised Direct Debit. If you don't have a TD Canada Bank Account, we can send you a simple e-transfer on the 1st of every month and you just need to click on the request to send us the funds.

Please email me at: if you think you could help us change the world and make it a little bit sunnier place....


Please remember Starfish Nicaragua is not a registered charity, so we cannot issue tax receipts. We are completely transparent and our financial statement is available to anyone. Every penny goes towards the families and the projects.

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