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Become a Child's Sponsor

When sponsoring a child with Starfish Nicaragua, we focus on education. With your support, these children can make a huge difference to themselves, their families, to their community and beyond; by achieving an education to enable them and empower them to get a career.

Make a donation today, and enhance a child's journey. 

Give Where Most Needed.Help vulnerable children and families who need it most. Provide a general donation or sponsor a child. No gift is too small. Every dollar makes a difference.

Join the growing group of Canadians who give their time and talents to help children in Nicaragua. We all have unique abilities to share. Use yours to make the world a brighter place.

Starfish Nicaragua has been working day and night to achieve our main mission: to help alleviate the hardships faced by the people who need it the most. We couldn't do it without our sponsors. Want to find out how to get involved?

Check out our latest projects...

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